Best gloves for magnet fishing

Best gloves for magnet fishing

The act of searching for ferromagnetic objects in outdoor water is known as a magnet or magnetic fishing. In this process, a neodymium magnet is attached to a long rope for pulling objects such as scooters, rifles, bicycles, ammunition, tools, coins, or just about anything out from the water. It’s the best activity to combine ecological aspects with the treasure hunt and rapidly growing both in the US and UK because no technical knowledge is required to get started magnet fishing.

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But sometimes, it may lead to severe injuries due to the use of neodymium magnet (the world’s most powerful magnet) if recommended PPE’s not worn, (Personal protective equipment). 

For magnet fishing, you must have a pair of robust gloves to give you the best protection when handling sharp objects. In this article, I am going to show the best gloves for magnetic fishing that’s meant for optimal protection.

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Top 6 best gloves for magnetic fishing

Using gloves is mandatory in magnetic fishing because sometimes the activity occurs in muddy water, and you never know what might stick to your magnet? So, you should always wear gloves for your safety and hygiene. Let’s get started.

Lindy Fish Handling Glove

This fantastic pair of gloves are designed to not only be wound resistant but also to give the wearer a perfect grip on anything that might be slippery. Made with a sturdy material that can easily deflect everything from hooks to teeth and even knife blades. It’s an ideal PPE required while magnet fishing or for unhooking fish. However, Lindy fish handling glove doesn’t just offer a better grip and protection for the hands, but they will also prevent bad odour from absorbing. All of these features make these, seamless gloves perfect for the magnet fisher who is looking for the best.

SAFEAT Safety Grip Work Gloves

Best gloves for magnet fishing SAFEAT Safety Grip

For people who’d like to maintain their ability while having a perfect grip on objects during treasure hunting, this is an ideal pair of gloves.

Knitted, lightweight and high tech durable fibre with polyurethane coating. Stronger and more comfortable than most work gloves. Cut, tear and puncture resistance.

Kevlar Hatch SGK100 Safety Gloves

Kevlar Hatch SGK100 Best gloves for magnet fishing

Another great pair of moderate cut protection gloves with Kevlar knit liner on the inside of the hand and fingers for added safety. Made of synthetic leather, which provides excellent gripping with positive equipment control such as magnet fishing gear. It’s back, made of composite material (neoprene and spandex) allows air circulation for comfortable fishing. So, if you would like to wear something that comes with a snug fit and added protection, then this pair of gloves will be a definite choice.

The Tornado Oil Teq 5 Safety Gloves

The Tornado Oil Teq 5 are perfect for magnetic fishing. The gloves are designed with a unique microporous synthetic coated palm to give good grip in any conditions. The glove is water and oil repellent and cut resistant. Seamless knit for maximum hand comfort.

Glacier Glove Ice Bay Fishing Glove

Best gloves for magnet fishing

This fantastic pair of glacier glove will keep your hand warm and dry during magnetic fishing. Its 2MM neoprene fabric with blind stitched and glued provides extra warmth and comfort. Further, its 100% waterproof sharkskin texture provides unmatched gripping power. So, if you are someone who’d like to put great emphasis on these features, then this model is for you.

Maxiflex Cut-Resistant Nitrile Coated Gloves

Maxiflex Cut-Resistant Best gloves for magnet fishing

These maxiflex cut-resistant gloves are nitrile coated, which makes it cut-resistant textured with green engineered yarn shell. Made of excellent quality material, which makes it breathable and provides reliable protection against cuts. These gloves offer tensile strength and protection from cuts and punctures. Industry applications include hunting, fishing, glass handling, bottling, and automotive, sheet metal handling, and recycling.

Magnet fishing tips

Best gloves for magnet fishing Conclusion

Since we all should agree that gloves are an essential tool for magnet fishing – Hence, you should consider buying a perfect pair of gloves meant for excellent gripping, cut-resistant, and makes you comfortable while fishing. 

It’s better to go with leather or Kevlar protected gloves, which provides durable protection against piercing and slippery objects. Because dealing with sharp objects in magnetic fishing is quite common.

Finding a perfect pair of gloves may seem complicated, but in reality, it’s pretty straightforward. So, please do your homework before purchasing this PPE; otherwise, you might end up wasting your money, and that’s why I have tried to make it easy for you.

Buy a perfect pair of gloves and enjoy doing magnet fishing without hurting yourself ever.

Good luck with the treasure hunt🎯

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