Best Magnets For Magnet Fishing / What is the best magnet for magnet fishing?

Best magnet for magnet fishing

What is the best magnet for magnet fishing? For magnet fishing, you need a powerful magnet, and the best magnet to use is a neodymium magnet. Neodymium magnets are rare-earth magnets and are the strongest type of permanent magnets (they create their magnetic field without electric current) available on the market. More about magnetic fishing.

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Underwater treasure hunting

So underwater treasure hunting is now a reality thanks to the incredible pulling power of these magnets. Like hunting with a metal detector, magnet fishing is not for the impatient. It’s a big sea and a small magnet, so it might take some time to find the treasure. But if there is metal in the water, then there’s a good chance that your magnet will find it.

How powerful should my magnet be?

When you go to magnet fishing, you will find objects that have been in the water for numerous years, so there is a lot of rust on it, and flat contact is difficult to achieve. Rust significantly limits the pulling power of the magnet so the magnet’s pull force will only be at its maximum when the metal object is fully flat against it. So get a strong magnet to compensate for these distortions. The higher the pulling force on the magnet, the bigger are the chances that you won’t drop the item you caught.

Powerful Neodymium magnets

But don’t think that you must have the most powerful magnet to get the most remarkable catches, even small Neodymium magnets have incredibly strong pulling force. Commonly, the bigger and more powerful the magnet, the more expensive it gets. So try to choose a magnetic power level that meets your fishing needs and expectations as much as possible.

If you’re new to magnet fishing, start with a 250KG(551lbs) magnet. This magnet will satisfy the majority of pulls without feeling like you’re missing out. 551lbs is still a powerful magnet.

Neodymium magnet coatings

The neodymium magnet coatings are essential as it stops them from rusting. So when you have found the one you want to buy, do be sure to check what the coating is. Suitable coatings are nickel-copper-nickel, Nickel, Zinc and chrome. There are others, but these are what you should look for.

Hopefully, you will find the perfect magnet for your own needs and more importantly, at a great price without sacrificing quality!

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A note of warning, please be cautious when handling these magnets as they are powerful and can cause injury, and can damage electronics. If you get your fingers between the magnet and a metal surface, it could injure them seriously! They are remarkably powerful and should be kept away from kids, and never attempt to put two of these magnets together as they can break from the force.

If you’re going magnet fishing, protective gloves are essential, bring a pair of sturdy work gloves to scrape the mess off without cutting yourself on something sharp or rusty. If you like metal detecting you’ll find it here

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  1. I enjoy the unknown. You just never know what s on the end of your rope – it could be junk, weapons, bikes or old tools, said Gareth Bryer, who has more than 61,000 subscribers to his magnet fishing YouTube channel, Drasticg.

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