Best Metal Detector for children

happy kid jumping Metal Detector for children

What is the Best Metal Detector for children?

As a child, the thought of finding buried treasure was thrilling. X marked the spot, and playing pirates was more than a pastime. And if you’re like so many treasure hunters who are now all grown up, the thrill of the hunt still runs deep.

Few things in this world are as exciting and fascinating as lost treasures. Every one of us with a reasonably normal upbringing has searched for lost “treasures” on one or more occasions. There are stories of lost treasures or objects in almost every village or community. And when it comes to children, if there is no ready myth or legend, you create your own.

Buying a child’s metal detector! 

We all know that both children and adults like to search for treasures. If your kids get the chance to go treasure hunting with a metal detector, which will result in exciting finds, they will be over the moon.

Viking Treasures and Silver hoards

Children are deeply impressed that there can be a treasure right now under our feet, exactly where we stand. Maybe a Viking treasure, a silver coin, a sword, or just a bottle cap, but a bottle cap can also be a treasure for the junior excavators. Children think that most of what they can dig up is a treasure. I also like to find bottle caps if they are old or perhaps a defunct brand.😁
So a metal detector for children is one of the most appreciated gifts that children can imagine. This also applies to children who dedicate all their time to telephones or computer games. Getting out into nature or to the beach armed with a metal detector and a shovel beats most.

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Treasure hunting on the beach

The treasure hunt in no time will capture children. It will provide many hours of exploring and digging, and indeed you will find many exciting finds. And even if it may not be the most valuable treasure, it will be just as exciting to see small coins, rings, earrings and other unidentified items.

The chance of finding gold or silver is also good on the beach. Popular beaches have been populated for numerous years. And many exciting things have been lost over the years, on the beach and in the waterline.

Metal detector – Price? / Do not buy a toy.

Buying a metal detector that is suitable for a child is not complicated. What matters in this context is how easy it is to handle and how flexible it is. Some metal detectors are marketed as detectors for children but are more toys than metal detectors. You should avoid the simplest toy models and invest in a model that will give some discoveries.

Preferably, a model that suits everyone in the family, old and young, small and large. You will all benefit and enjoy a good metal detector, a family detector.
A model that is too simple will not give any findings but will only create irritation and a bad mood. So, step up a little bit in price and get a detector to produce some objects and gems.

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Tips: Learn the detector already at home

Please take the time to teach your children how to use the metal detector at home in the garden or the yard before you go out on a live treasure hunt.
Press down or hide a few various metals objects in the grass or dirt so that they can be located with a metal detector. That way, you can observe which different result metals give on the detector. Once you get out on the field, the children are usually too eager to get started to have time to learn to use it correctly.

Great to have on your magnet fishing tour.

A shovel to dig with is needed, maybe also a small dig knife. If you are on a sandy beach, a sand scoop is perfect to strain the gems from the sand. Here you can use a conventional colander or any other homemade strainer.
Bring something to carry the findings in, some bags or boxes. Be prepared that you will find a lot of rubbish as well, so bring bags for that. Please do not throw away the junk you find, but toss it in the nearest rubbish bin.

Dress for the occasion

Be comfortably and appropriately dressed. Bring gloves for the digging and a hat if you will be in the sun. If it is a muddy field, boots may be functional. Children and adults get hungry and thirsty, so be sure to bring some food and drink so you can take a break.

Good luck with your treasure hunt!

While you might not have found any treasure as a kid, your dreams might still come true. Uncovering the unknown with a metal detector will unleash the pirate that still lives within you.