Best rope/Best knot for magnet fishing

What is the Best rope / Best knot for magnet fishing?

In addition to a powerful magnet, you will need a reliable rope for magnet fishing. I highly recommend using a good nylon paracord because of its strength, durability, and ability to hold a knot very well. It is advised that you buy a rope at least 50 ft (15m) long, which would be long enough for shallow water and fishing in most places. 

If you want to fish in deeper water, you can use a 100ft (30m) rope. When fishing from bridges, then indeed use a 100ft rope.

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Don’t lose your magnet.

The strongest magnet in the world is useless if your rope is too weak. Typically, the line’s strength must be double whatever the magnet and its objects will weigh when you pull them up. A thinner rope is lighter, and you’ll be able to “feel” things better, but a thicker rope is more comfortable on the hands and stronger. Remember to wear gloves.

Always go a little bit over your highest weight limit to avoid breaking. Few things are more frustrating for magnet fishers than coming up empty-handed because their line broke during a lift. 

The best knot for magnet fishing

There are many useful knots for attaching a rope to the fishing magnet. The most crucial thing is that the knot holds firm. The best knot to use is when it tightens on itself, providing a firm hold on the magnet. After all, it would be a disaster if your magnet dives into the water without the rope.

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The Palomar knot

I recommend the Palomar as your magnet fishing knot as it is straightforward to tie and is regarded as one of the most reliable knots. This knot is especially popular with anglers because it has a high knot strength. Once you’ve mastered an appropriate knot, you’re ready to start magnet fishing.

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