Garrett Ace Apex 2023

Is the Garrett Ace Apex your new Metal Detector in 2023?

The world-famous Garrett Ace series now has a worthy successor. It is the Garrett Ace Apex with its new modern design. It has better search depth, is faster and lighter and is chargeable via USB. It is rainproof (the search coil is waterproof) and equipped with the latest Multi-Flex technology.

Although not a brand-new detector, the Garrett Ace Apex has been successful among hobbyists for a few years. It is the latest addition to Garrett’s line of successful detectors.

Metal Detector Garrett Ace Apex

It has Everything you Need and More

Its characteristics make it one of the most competent hobby detectors. It has most of what you could want from a detector that should cover almost all areas of a successful treasure hunt. 

So please take a closer look at the Garrett Ace Apex for its numerous features and affordable price.

Detector LCD Garrett Ace Apex

Garrett Ace Apex with Multi-Flex-Technology

The first thing we can note is the Garrett Ace Apex Multi-Flex technology. This means that you can run four different frequencies at the same time. The Garrett APEX can simultaneously transmit on 5, 10, 15 and 20 kHz.

Working with many frequencies simultaneously allows you to cover the search capabilities of various detectors in the same machine. You get a more versatile detector than ever before. And at an excellent price.

All or One at a Time

You can also run on one selected frequency at a time. High frequencies, such as 20 kHz, make it perfect for finding tiny things like slim chains and rings. On the other hand, the low frequency, 5kHz, means that the search goes deep and provides better detection of larger objects so that no finds escape you.

Garrett Ace Apex Detector

Different Programs for Different Results

The Garrett Apex has six search modes based on what you’re searching for. Choose the program that best suits your needs. Or choose the custom mode, where you create and save your favourite search pattern. 

Together with the selectable search frequencies, these six search modes provide many flexible and customizable search modes. 

specifications tabel for Garrett Ace Apex

Excellent Ground Balancing

Apex has a high-resolution automatic ground balancing in 175 steps. This ground balancing means it is adaptable to anything from ordinary arable land to heavily mineralized saltwater beaches and gold-bearing soil.

Garrett Ace Apex search coil

Garrett Ace Apex has Wireless Z-Lynk

The Apex has a built-in wireless Z-Lynk transmitter that can be used with, for example, the Garrett MS-3 wireless headphones or other Z-Lynk devices. But you can also use regular headphones for the Apex.

All Features You Need

Apex has numerous features, including the ability to update its software online. This implies that the machine is continuously evolving, with additional functions and ways of usage being added regularly.

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