Garrett Metal Detectors

Garrett Metal Detectors

Garrett Metal Detectors is one of the world’s largest metal detector manufacturers. Origin and which detectors and accessories that Garrett manufactures and sells today.

Garrett metal detectors in Texas

Garrett Metal Detector is an American company, based in Texas, that sells and manufactures metal detectors. The founder, Charles Garrett, had a history as an engineer in geotechnics. When they used the available metal detectors, Garrett found they didn’t fit for their purpose and that they could do better. So Eleanor and Charles Garrett started Garrett metal detectors in 1964 in Garland, Texas.

Metal detectors history

He realized early on that his detectors had to have better search performance than their competitors to compete. On the way to today’s Garrett metal detectors, Garrett has come up with a host of innovations which are patented. Innovations have made Garrett detectors one of the largest and most well-known metal detector brands available.

Even today, the factory and manufacturing are still in Garland, Texas. However, there are many retailers around the world.

Sport, Security and Military metal detectors

There are currently three departments within Garrett. A military department, which manufactures equipment for searching for mines. A department for security and industry where you have, for example, entry detectors at airports, buildings and industries. Also, a department for sports and hobby where you find Metal detectors for hobby activities, pinpointers and everything else that belongs.

Garrett gold panning

They not only have metal detectors but have gold pans and equipment for gold prospecting and exploration, as well as videos and books on how to look for gold. Garret sports division has everything that has to do with metal searching. There are clothes, diggers, bags, books, videos, and much more.

Several of the metal detectors are available in 2 designs, one for the American market and one for the international market, the international being symbolized by one (i) in the model name. What distinguishes most is usually smaller things such as the grading of the depth from American measurements to cm.

Garrett Metal Detectors ACE

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The big sellers today in the hobby category are the ACE series. The ACE detectors are very widespread and have become a bit of standard for many hobby detectorists. These are metal detectors which have been around for several years and have been continuously evolving. They are reasonably priced and competent detectors that fit most people. A good start for a hobby detector. 

ACE 200i: The cheapest, but still a complete, good detector.

ACE 300i: As 200i, but with more settings and more power.

ACE 400i: The top model of the ACE detectors, has most you may need for hobby purposes, and a little more.

Garrett Metal Detectors AT

Garrett Metal Detectors

In the next step of Garrett’s detectors, there are so-called “All-Terrain Detectors“. Metal detectors which are like the name suggest they made to cope with most conditions when detecting.

AT MAX: A wireless, waterproof detector that can handle most things, both salt and freshwater.

AT Gold: As the name suggests, focus on gold on land or in water.

AT Pro International: A detector that covers all search, on land and in water.

Specialized and waterproof detectors

Garrett Metal Detectors

Garrett also has several specially oriented professional-quality detectors. Costs a great deal, but that is among the best available on the market.

Garrett ATX: ATX is an advanced pulse induction (PI) detector that is very popular, searching for gold, or on saltwater beaches. It is also waterproof to a depth of 3 meters.

GTI 2500: An advanced land detector

Sea Hunter Mark II: Is a PI detector for scuba diving. Popular with scuba divers all over the world.

Garrett manuals and video

Here you can find all Garrett’s manuals to download in pdf format on Garrett’s website. They are available in several languages ​​and for both the American models and the international models. On the page, there are, besides manuals, a lot of other things to read and see — for example, instructional videos.

Link to MANUALS. Link to VIDEOS.



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