Good places to metal detect near me

Good places to metal detect near me.

Where are the best places to metal detect? The simple answer is anywhere.

There are of cause some restrictions to where you are allowed to detect, but apart from that, it’s up to your imagination to find good places to metal detect. While researching land for metal detecting, some straightforward methods can be very beneficial. Let’s look at one of the ways you can find out more about your area.

Google Earth and Google Maps

Google Earth and Google Maps are two of the most valuable tools when researching for metal detecting. Sometimes Google maps will help you spot things like old paths, where buildings used to be, ancient watercourses and so on. Google maps will help you locate many of these things. Always be 100% sure that you are permitted to detect where you want to hunt for treasure.

Google EarthGoogle Maps

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Best places to treasure hunt with a metal detector

good places to metal detect Field

Farmers Fields is probably the most popular place to go metal detecting. Most of the great finds, coins and hoards have been found here.
Cultivated fields are broken already and are usually very easy to dig. When an area is ploughed things from underneath are brought closer to the surface. But of cause the negative being that sometimes the machine will damage the treasures beneath. When metal detecting on private fields, you need to get the farmers permission.

Public parks and Commons
Public parks and Commons are the right places to go metal detecting. These places have been used for many different public events, like Fairs, Concerts, Circuses, and so on. If you can get to these places, try and think about where people would have been.  Maybe underneath a big tree where they sat, around benches, near the swings, along footpaths. You will make some good finds in these places. However, you need to get permission from the local authorities, write an email, a letter or Phone them. Some local authorities are rigorous, while others are more relaxed, allowing you to detect.

good places to metal detect the beach

The Beach
It’s usually quite easy to get Metal Detecting permission for the beach. If you live near a beach, then it is a great place to start. Beaches are a great place to go metal detecting, think of all the human activity over the years. People are running around, laying down, jumping, playing, digging on the beach. Think of all the things that have dropped out of peoples pockets, or bags.

Your garden or our friends garden is a great place to start. They can be full of fascinating relics, coins, toys and other objects. The garden is also a great place to practice with your metal detector, and get used to the tones and settings.

Footpaths and Wood’s
Walkways are a great place to detect, as people for many years have been walking them. Remember to act responsibly and get permission.

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Good luck with your treasure hunt!

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  1. I live in Independence Missouri and I was wondering if I could metal detect a little Blue off 24 Highway

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