Magnet fishing finds videos

Magnet fishing finds videos.

In this video, you can see ten various discoveries that you can make with magnet fishing. Some are everyday objects, and others are a little more unique. It is an exciting and varied collection of things.

You can’t expect to be this lucky every time you are out magnet fishing, but you will always find something. And that’s the beauty of magnet fishing. You rarely come home empty-handed. There will be 95% trash, but the remaining 5% can be thrilling and might be worth saving. 

Magnet fishing finds videos

A cheap and fun hobby

If you have your fishing gear ready, go out today and pull up something fascinating. If you have not started your career as a magnet fisher yet, and don’t have any equipment, magnet fishing is a cheap hobby; all you need is a magnet, a rope and a pair of gloves. And, of course, you need to find some great waterways to fish in.

Super magnet fishing kits

Here are some excellent magnet fishing kits that are suitable to get you started. These kits contain everything you need for an exciting adventure by the water. Now you are ready to go on a real treasure hunt.

Magnet fishing finds videos Kit

Magnet Fishing Kit with Case Fishing Magnets 600 LBS 

Magnet fishing finds videos Kit

BOOMCOOL Fishing Magnet Set

Magnet fishing finds videos Kit

Fishing Magnet Kit, 272KG/600lbs Pulling Force

Magnet fishing finds ww2.

Finding things from World War II is a dream for many magnet fishers, and some are lucky enough to find just that. In watercourses all over Europe, various items from World War II have been found. The goods have been lost or intentionally hidden away. Here is one of the dramatic videos from magnet fishers discovering world war two stuff.

Magnet fishing finds videos

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