Magnet fishing tips

Magnet fishing tips !

This guide “Magnet fishing tips” will give you some tips you need to know about this enjoyable hobby. Hopefully, some tips will be new to you and will save you some time and energy. These are some of the things I have learned in my year’s magnet fishing. Like any outdoor activity, make sure you bring suitable gear to make the most of the experience. 

Magnet fishing is an exciting and inexpensive outdoor hobby that anyone can do and enjoy. You can experience the thrill of the hunt of what you will find next. And feel the excitement of pulling some treasure out of the water

Let’s get started on your quest to find underwater treasures with some magnet fishing tips.

Magnet fishing finds videos Kit

Magnet Fishing Kit with Case Fishing Magnets 600 LBS 

Magnet fishing finds videos Kit

BOOMCOOL Fishing Magnet Set

Magnet fishing finds videos Kit

Fishing Magnet Kit, 272KG/600lbs Pulling Force

Buckets and boxes

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You need something to put your excellent finds in while magnet fishing. Bring some buckets and boxes for transport and to put your treasure and junk in. When the magnets and rope are wet and muddy, a bucket is a perfect place to store them. Bring a small plastic container for storing small items like fishing hooks, nails, and other metal bits.

Clean up at the end of the day

Always remember to clean up at the end of the day and take your trash with you, don’t throw it back into the water. Clear up your mess. Magnet fishing is dirty work, have something to wipe your hands and treasure clean. And bring a brush to get rid of rubble from the magnet

Too powerful magnet

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Don’t waste your money on a too powerful magnet, a magnet that is too powerful to handle. If a magnet is too powerful, then you will struggle to release it from your finds. If the magnet connects perfectly to some fastened metal, you might not be able to get it back. For beginners i recommend a magnet with a maximum pulling force of 400kg or less any more than that could bee too hard to handle.

Anpro Round Neodymium Eyebolt Fishing Magnet

Youngneer Magnet Fishing Kit

Wear durable safety gloves

Use a good pair of waterproof safety gloves that will keep your hands safe and warm. Long-time spent swinging and throwing a rope with your hands could severely cut your hands. You will be handling some sharp and rusty metal all in what can be dirty, cold water. Therefore, you need great gloves whenever you’re magnet fishing. They tend to get wet even if they are waterproof, so bring an extra pair.

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Grappling hook

A grappling hook will become helpful when retrieving heavy items and lifting big things. If you can feel there is something substantial on the bottom you can always throw your grappling hook into the water and catch the object with it. Or if your magnet gets stuck to something big, or if it’s not getting a good hold a grappling hook might help.

Bring a knife

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There are many situations when a knife or a multitool would come in handy when you are out magnet fishing. Cut off fishing strings and weeds that get stuck in your rope. In the worst case, you may have to cut the cord off to save it, if the magnet is unhelpfully attached.

Magnet fishing tips Conclusion

Everyone can enjoy magnet fishing. It’s easy to get started and simple to set up, inexpensive and fun. You can find exciting artefacts, and it provides hours of outdoor enjoyment.

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