Metal detecting

Metal detecting has been around for years and has rapidly become a trendy hobby. Metal detecting can be enjoyed by all the family young and old, male or female. The hobby has become a great way to keep fitmeet friends and maybe make some extra money. Metal detecting is incredibly addictive, especially when you find yourself digging up relics or coins that are hundreds of years old.

While out with your metal detector, you are learning about the history of our ancestors. It’s a great inspiration to learn more about local history. You will probably spend many hours on the Internet and read books to find out what kind of items you’ve found. Old maps are another area that usually becomes interesting to detectorists.

Metal detecting finds

Why Metal Detecting?

Different people have different reasons to start metal detecting. Starting a new hobby is exciting, and few are as much fun as metal detecting. Some people love history and the thrill of being able to hold something in your hands that hasn’t seen the light of many years. Others are interested in collecting coins or other artefacts, or love being active and in the outdoors.

Treasure hunt!

Metal detecting is an excellent form of exercise, with the walking, digging and being out in the fresh air. Metal detecting is a proper relaxation and excellent stress management. Focusing on the treasure hunt can make your day to day worries leave your mind for a while. And of course financial gain from selling your finds or gold nuggets. Although very few people are in this hobby for financial gain. Their discoveries are often more meaningful to them than some extra money.

Best Metal Detector!

So you think that metal detecting sounds like it could be something you would enjoy?

What do you need to get started?

Metal Detecting Book

When you’re first starting all you need are a Metal detector, something to dig with and an optional pinpointer. You’ll want to get yourself an entry-level detector. You don’t want to be spending loads of money upfront if you’re not sure you’ll like the hobby or not. Entry-Level detectors are designed for the broadest set of users. Choosing a Metal detector that is right for you can be a task on its own, with so many options available. There are many excellent beginner metal detectors. If this is your first metal detector, you want something that is low cost and simple to use. All metal detectors detect metal. What makes one detector better than another is the additional features and enhancements. Most machines are designed for coin and jewellery hunting.