Metal detector for gold

Metal Detector for Gold

To find pure natural Gold using a metal detector, you must have a metal detector for Gold that meets the specific requirements that such a quest poses. Here is a guide to what you need to find Gold with a metal detector.

Whether you’re new to Metal detection or an experienced detectorist, finding Gold is often the ultimate dream. It may be a small gold nuggetring, or coin. It is the Gold itself possessing the magic, enchanting attraction. Even though Gold has limited practical use, it’s the natural highlight of Metal detecting.

Can a Metal Detector Find Gold

If you have been Metal detecting for a while, it is common for you to find several small gold items, such as ringsearringsnecklaces, etc. These are usually from modern times. More uncommon is to find gold coins, even if it occurs. 

If you go out into nature, to a brook or a stream, to look for natural Gold, there are other demands on the metal detector. Read about Fools Gold and Natural Gold.

Searching with a regular all-around detector is possible, but the possibility of finding natural Gold is small. This is where the gold detectors come into play.

Good Gold Detectors

What distinguishes a gold detector from a standard metal detector? 

Most standard metal detectors are capable of detecting Gold. However, locating small, natural nuggets in most areas can be challenging. Nevertheless, it is possible to do so with the proper equipment.

The detector must have high sensitivity to find the usually tiny grains. The detector must make excellent ground balancing, manual or Automatic. 

Ground Balancing

Ground balancing allows the detector to differentiate between false and real signals in mineralized soil. Search coils that are smaller and thus more precise are helpful when searching for tiny nuggets. A small search coil that is waterproof is easier to use around rocks at the bottom of a Creek. 

Metal Detectors that Detect Gold

Minelab Gold Monster 1000

Nokta Makro Gold Finder 2000

PI Detector

Another popular choice when searching for Gold is to choose a PI detector. It is a detector that uses a unique technique called Pulse Induction. Detectors built for gold hunting use PI technology. They perform better in mineralized soil and saltwater and provide greater search depth. 

The disadvantages of PI detector are that they use a lot of batteries. They are sensitive to all iron traces in the ground and are generally more expensive than a conventional metal detector.

Best Metal Detectors for Small Gold Nuggets

Gold nuggets in most countries are typically small, measuring only a few millimetres and having very little weight. This low mass makes it challenging to discover with a standard detector.

To be detected by metal detectors, Gold and other metals must meet specific criteria related to their mass and area. This rule applies universally to all metals that can be found using a detector.

Hot Stones and Mineralized Ground

The fields of gold-bearing places are usually highly mineralized, and thus you need the extra capacity of the detector. There are also so-called Hot Rocks where one expects to find Gold. Hot rocks are stones containing minerals, usually iron oxides. 

These Stones give electromagnetic signals to the detector and cause many false signals. A metal detector calibrated for gold hunting can handle these stones and ground conditions better than a regular detector.

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