Metal detecting WWII

Omaha beach Metal detecting WWII

Metal detecting WW2 sites A particular category of metal detecting is metal detecting WWII sites for relics from the Second World War. For many, it is one of the most…

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Panning for gold

Gold digging panning for gold

What is panning for gold? Panning for gold in streams and rivers is a fun and exciting hobby that can result in occasional gold nuggets. Many people may think that it is a myth…

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Magnet fishing tips

Bridge Magnet fishing tips

Magnet fishing tips ! This guide “Magnet fishing tips” will give you some tips you need to know about this enjoyable hobby. Hopefully, some tips will be new to you…

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Metal detector for Android

Icons Metal detector for Android

Metal detector for Android With metal detector apps for Android, you can quickly find things that are buried in the ground, laying on the floor or hidden in walls. With…

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Minelab Go-Find


Minelab Go-Find Metal Detector Minelab Go-Find is a new and unconventional metal detector from Minelab. A metal detector that differs both in appearance and function. In this detector, the emphasis…

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Metal detector for gold


Metal detector for gold To find Gold, pure natural Gold, using a metal detector, you must have a metal detector for Gold that meets the specific requirements that such a…

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