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Quest X5 & Q60 Metal Detector

Quest has emerged as a winner among Metal Detectors in recent years, with several interesting and exciting models. Quest says they are a “metal detector manufacturer founded by detectorists”, which could be true.

They have produced a series of detectors to create a model for everyone. All models have intelligent solutions and a reasonable, competitive price.

Quest X5 Cheap and Smart

The smallest model is the Quest X5. Which, despite being the cheapest of Quest’s models, is high class and has most of the features you could wish for in a good detector. Get yourself a Metal Detector.

With the new TurboD Blade Coil, you can search and find objects deeper and more precisely than with a standard coil. The coil is also waterproof so that you can search with the entire shaft in the water. The control box is not waterproof, so it must not be submerged. However, it is dust- and weather-resistant, so you can continue using it even if it starts to rain.

With a rechargeable battery, Pinpointer, Ground balance, etc., it is a perfect family detector that suits everyone, young and old. All at an excellent price.

Quest X5 Display Quest Metal detectors

Top Models Quest Q60 Metal detectors

The Quest Q60 is entirely waterproof, down to a depth of 5 meters. It comes with an integrated wireless module and Quest Pro wireless headphones.

The new 33 x 23 cm Turbo DD BeastX search coil provides even better search depth. The Q60 has a built-in Li-Po battery that is charged with a magnetic coupling and provides a battery life of up to 30 hours.

Three different search frequencies (5 kHz, 13 kHz and 20 kHz) make it a versatile detector suitable for virtually all types of searches and conditions.

The Quest Q60 Metal Detector - Quest Metal detectors

QUEST Q60 For All Quests

Seven different search modes: (Jewelry, Coin, Strand, Gold, Deep standard mode, + 2 programs for user settings) and other settings allow you to search with your Q60 metal detector in any weather and on any terrain without any problems. QUEST Q60.

Quest Q60 Metal detectors display

In addition to the X5 and Q60, Quest has many other interesting models, including the excellent SCUBA PROTECTOR, which works equally well on land and in the water. Other models are Quest X10, X20, X30, X40 and many accessories.


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