Search depth of a Metal detector

Search depth of a Metal detector❓

One of the most frequently asked questions about metal detectors is how deep a metal detector goes. We want to know how deep a metal detector goes and at what depth we can find things. Unfortunately, there is no absolute and straightforward answer. What can be said is that “it depends“. It depends, among other things, on the following:

  • Which type of metal detector you have.
  • Which type and size of search coil you have.
  • At which frequencies the detector operates.
  • If you use a lot of discrimination (filtering).
  • The level of sensitivity you use.
  • The type of metal in the discovery.

The Size and Shape of the Object.

The larger the metal object is, the deeper it can be discovered. A pot lid is much easier to detect deep down than, for example, a coin. The more surface an object has, the easier it is to get a signal on the detector. Also, the shape and surface against the search coil affect how easy it is to discover.

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So a coin lying horizontally in the ground can be found deeper than one lying vertically. Long narrow objects such as a gold chain can be challenging to find as the surface against the search coil becomes very small.

Magnetfishingworld-finds  in Search depth

The Surrounding Soil Affects Search Depth.

Is it sandpacked clay, or grass? These are things that affect the depth.

Mineralized soil makes it harder for the detector to reach maximum depth. That is why we use ground balancing to compensate for mineralized soil. An accurate ground balancing means that there are few false signals, and the detector can work at maximum depth.

It’s Pretty Simple or Is It ?

There was a general rule that you could count on a search depth of around 80% – 100% of the diameter of your Search Coil. But I wonder if it will do as a measure today. My experience is that most discoveries happen at a depth of 5 – 25 cm. a depth that most hobby detectors can easily handle. 

You can find things deeper, of course, but that is often bigger items such as horseshoes, cans, pipes and the like.

This may seem complicated, with all the settings and types of equipment, but this is extra and nothing that you need to keep track of from the start. An ordinary hobby detector will do a sufficiently good job from the start with its standard settings

Just press ON and start finding treasures. ☘️

Search depth

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