The biggest gold nugget in the world

Can you find gold nuggets with a metal detector?

Have you ever tried to find Gold with a metal detector? If you have, you likely found many other things, nails, screws, cans, chains, etc. but no gold. It is challenging to find Gold with a metal detector. But these stories could give you some motivation to continue the hunt.

The biggest gold nugget ever found, “The Hand of Faith.”

The world-famous “The Hand of Faith” is today’s biggest gold nugget. It was unearthed on September 26, 1980, in Wedderburn, Australia, by Kevin Hillier. Its weight of just over 27 kg makes it the largest gold nugget today, and it was found with a metal detector. It is valued today at about $ 5 million.

A strange story

The story behind the discovery is as incredible as the gold nugget itself. In 1978, Kevin Hillier, his wife Bep and four young children left Western Australia to travel around the country in an old refurbished bus called “Gus”. The family had a difficult time. They moved several times, had a hard time finding work and needed more money.

The largest Gold finds in the world.

After several circumstances, they were in the Victorian goldfields several years later. And on September 26, 1980, Kevin Hillier and his wife Bep discovered one of the world’s largest gold nuggets behind an abandoned elementary school in Kingower, Victoria.

Kevin found it with the help of a metal detector, and at first, he intended to avoid digging because he thought the metal detector gave a false result. Luckily, he searched and found a massive Gold nugget at less than 60 cm depth that weighed just over 27 kg!

Where to discover Gold in Australia

This Gold nugget is just one of many found in a well-known area in Australia called The Golden Triangle. The “Golden Triangle” is simply an area between three cities in Victoria, Australia. Find your Gold Detector.

The biggest gold nugget ever

“The Hand of Faith” has been found here, and some even bigger nuggets, such as “Welcome Stranger nugget“, the largest historically known nugget of Gold ever found. In 1869, the nugget weighing around 65 kg was found. Regrettably, it doesn’t exist anymore since it was melted down.

Man showing a replica of biggest gold nugget in the world "welcome stranger"
Replica of “Welcome Stranger nugget”

Australian Gold

Gold was first found in small quantities in Australia in 1823, but it wasn’t until the early 1850s, when larger deposits were discovered, that a massive gold rush occurred on the continent. Men from all over the world came to Australia to get rich.
But as usual, only a few were lucky enough to find enough Gold. And even fewer found something close to “The Hand of Faith” in size!

Golden Nugget Casino

The “Hand of Faith” is currently available at the Golden Nugget Casino in Las Vegas (where else?). It was bought for over a million dollars and can be viewed by visitors to the Casino.

The “boot of Cortez” is the Biggest Gold Nugget found in the western hemisphere.

Boot of Cortez biggest gold nugget

In 1989, a metal detector digger found a gold nugget weighing almost 13 kg! The piece was excavated in the Sonoran Desert in Mexico, about 100 miles south of the Arizona border. Due to its unique shape, which resembles a boot, it was named Boot of Cortez.

Gold in Mexico

Mexico is rich in Gold and other valuable minerals, and some large gold mining mines in Mexico produce significant amounts of Gold. But Mexico is also much less explored than many other areas. The harsh desert climate limits the opportunities for research and exploration. The lack of water in the area means the only option is to investigate using a metal detector or dry washing. So many areas remain to be thoroughly investigated in Mexico.

The largest gold nugget is a rare collector’s item.

Man lifting Boot of Cortez the biggest gold nugget

A Gold Nugget like Boot of Cortez is exceptionally rare. It is the largest existing gold nugget found in the western hemisphere! Some significant nuggets were found during the early days of the gold rush, but they have all been melted down and sold.

Using a Gold Detector

Due to scarcity, collectors highly value gold nuggets like the Boot of Cortez. Most significant gold nuggets found today are found using a metal detector. The reason is simple, Gold Detectors are developed to find Gold, and with a Gold detector, you can quickly and efficiently cover a lot of ground.

The finder of Boot of Cortez used only a cheap metal detector from Radio Shack. Today, better alternatives and metal detectors are intended for just Gold Searches. Metal detectors such as Nokta Makro Gold Finder or MINELAB Gold Monster 1000 can find Gold worldwide.

There are many other exceptional Gold Nuggets out there waiting to be discovered. So who will find the next Boot of Cortez? Will it be you?

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