Best place for magnet fishing

Find the best place for magnet fishing

If you want to find the Best place for magnet fishing, the first is obvious, go where people are or have been, places where people have engaged in various activities. You can try any water, but the chance of finding something increases if you follow some simple advice.

Cities and villages with a long history are usually the best places for magnetic fishing. Most areas have waters such as lakes, rivers, ponds, streams or wells. In principle, you can find something in every water, even in the most surprising places.
Areas rich in history provide better discoveries when magnet fishing. They may have fewer things, but the quality may be higher.

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Close to towns and villages

The proximity to larger communities means that there has been more activity and traffic in the area. And thus more things have fallen or been thrown into the water. It doesn’t have to be an essential place today, but maybe it was, a hundred or two hundred years ago

Around bridges

Bridges are popular places for magnet fishing. The most productive sites are bridges where many have passed. Often some bridges have been heavily trafficked, but today are more or less deserted. Things, intentionally or unintentionally, have been dropped into the water at such places.

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Ports and docks

Historically, there has been a lot of activity around seaports and marinas. Actions that have caused many things to end up in the water, voluntarily or involuntarily. Study old maps, and you might find an old port or dock that is gone today.

Around historic sites

icon historical places Best place for magnet fishing

In historical places, many finds have been collected beneath the surface. If the site is of great historical significance, magnetic fishing may not be allowed. Again, old maps are fascinating to study. But even newer maps can provide clues to right places.

Bathhouses and bathing lakes

Best place for magnet fishing icon Houses

In popular bathing places, there are generally many things to discover. Usually, newer items are the easiest to find there. But it can be a place that’s been popular for hundreds of years and hides ancient things under the surface.

Near old roads and shallows

Best place for magnet fishing icon road

It is easy to throw things from the road into the water. If it’s been going on for a few hundred years, a lot has gathered in the water. If there is a river or creek that goes along or under an old road, you can be sure that a lot of things have ended up in the water.
There are often places in streams and rivers that have shallows — the places where you crossed before there was any bridge in the area. If you find a shallow that’s been used for a long time, it can be a real gold mine of treasures.

At old mills and wells

If you find an old well, try lowering the magnet there. Over the years, a lot of things have disappeared into old wells, intentionally or unintentionally. It may be a wishing well.
In many places adjacent to watercourses there have been mills. People have frequented the location of the mills for hundreds of years. And a lot of material has landed in the water at the mill.

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Find the best place for magnetic fishing finds

Best place for magnet fishing map

The internet is perfect for finding places. Spend a few hours researching your local area. Search for old maps online to view old bridges, piers, bathhouses and so on, sites that may now be gone and forgotten. Residential buildings and other buildings that have been adjacent to watercourses are also interesting to explore.

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